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Services – RGSLAW


Insurance Law

Due to the complexity and variety of issues our clients trust us with, RGSLAW is fortunate to receive instructions on a wide variety of insurance claims, including: general liability, professional indemnity, directors and officers liability, employment practices, accident and health, medical negligence, building construction, first party property, fidelity guarantee, bankers bond, agricultural loss claims and product liability. Our international insurers trust RGSLAW to provide the most commercial and innovative results. 

Commercial Litigation

Disputes and business go hand in hand, however, the prospect of going to court can be pretty daunting for most. Luckily RGSLAW has experience negotiating, mediating, arbitrating and any-other-ating that may help resolve your dispute without having to litigate. However, sometimes these things are unavoidable. So luckily, RGSLAW represent clients in all Australian courts and tribunals. Our solicitors have the experience, the knowledge and the understanding to provide fast, accurate advice which focuses on the most commercial outcome for their clients. We still talk about that time Murray got to go to the High Court. 

Governance and Corporate Law

RGSLAW provides advice on many aspects of governance and corporate law, including privacy and disclosure laws, employment law, and directors and officers liability. Our solicitors are well versed in the vast number of inquests and inquiries throughout Australia. Usually, the whisper of an ICAC investigation has most shaking in their boots, but not those who have received advice from RGSLAW.

Defamation Law

He said, she said. Defamation law is a tricky little sucker, left unattended for too long and it can have some disastrous results, which is why you need the right advice the first time. RGSLAW is well versed in the many complicated aspects of defamation proceedings, whilst we perform our amazing balancing act, of one person’s right to protect their reputation with another person’s right to freedom of speech.  Our team has not only has a comprehensive understanding of the legislative requirements behind a defamation action, including details involved in the wide variety of defences available, but also how to mitigate the personal reputational issues at stake. RGSLAW has strong and trusted relationships with the individuals involved in these disputes, and has a knack for successfully negotiating some excellent results (if we don’t say so ourselves), from confidential settlements to public apologies.