Sophie Lumsden

Solicitor / Imelda Marcos

A little about Sophie

The fashionista of RGSLAW, Sophie probably has a larger shoe collection than Imelda Marcos, let’s not talk about her forever changing outfits. 

Sophie is unquestionably the most mature of the RGSLAW bunch. Before diving head first into the legal profession, Sophie worked as an emergency responder and event coordinator for over 250 domestic and international university students. Just think about that. Sound easy?

Like her mentor, Murray Tavener, Sophie is also a mad scientist (yes, degree certified), put the two of them together and you get some innovative, out of the box solutions to say the least.

Why are you here?

Sophie can accurately pinpoint an issue like a needle in a haystack. Case in point, Sophie works extensively on our product liability portfolio, a series of weather-tightness claims from New Zealand, drafting numerous advices on liability and indemnity. But her limits are endless, she also works in personal injury and other general insurance litigation. She is a real multitasker if you couldn’t already tell.

Sophie’s background in customer service (more specifically, experience in Boxing Day Sale madness) is what we suspect keeps her maniacal smile fixed in place when you ask her to stay back to review 20 binders of documents.