Mr Fox

Legal Assistant / Foxy

A little bit about Mr Fox

The Fox, or Foxy as he is known to his close friends and family, is the longest serving member of the RGSLAW team. Foxy came to RGSLAW almost 20 years ago after defecting from his pack in Goondiwindi to pursue a legal career in the big city.

Foxy’s sharp-witted remarks and crafty intelligence, inspires and encourages us to be perspicacious and strive for insightful, creative solutions to our legal problems.

Why are you here?

Since joining RGSLAW, despite being the quietest member of the RGSLAW team, Foxy has developed skills in settling inter-pack disputes and plays a vital part in client socialisation.

Although Foxy is considered by some to be an “invasive species”, to us, he is an integral part of the RGSLAW team.