Melanie Wilson

Solicitor / Agent 99

A little about Melanie

Agent 99 is so named for the number of her passports and, come to think of it, the number of stamps on her passports. In true Agent fashion, Melanie speaks 2.5 languages (we’re working on her English) and has successfully passed customs in 47 countries.

Prior to working at RGSLAW, Melanie gained experience at the DPP’s Office in Sydney and Marrickville community legal centre, where she added criminal, tenancy and housing, and employment law to her secret agent repertoire.

Why are you here?

Since joining the RGSLAW professional team in 2015, Melanie has provided extensive advice in personal injury, product liability and property matters, as well as working on some administrative law, trustee matters and general insurance. Melanie consistently provides excellent results and as such has earned the confidence of all of her clients.

This confidence means our clients are happy to call upon Melanie and her big brain to cope with any last minute or urgent work, and as such, Melanie is fully equipped to expect the unexpected; Last minute court appearance? Need a summary on manufacturer’s obligations in 10 minutes? Can’t finish your meal? Just call Agent 99.