James Riley

Principal Solicitor / Fearless Leader

A little about James

Our Fearless Leader is so named because rather than accept partnership in a large commercial insurance firm  he took the road less travelled and started his own practice RGSLAW  in 1997.  He hasn’t looked back.

James has developed RGSLAW’s strong reputation for generating results, typically expected of much larger firms, always encouraging us to focus on quality commercial advice and on people. James is an enthusiast for the law and for problem solving. It’s what makes the difference at RGSLAW.

Why are you here?

For over 30 years James has practiced in all areas of insurance advice and litigation. He loves the variety of moving from a product liability crisis, managing a large volume construction risk portfolio or helping a director through an investigation.

For a small firm we have some big clients with occasionally large problems. That’s no problem for James. RGSLAW has harnessed and maintained several strong relationships with industry giants, including a long-term relationship with a luxury German motor vehicle manufacturer, whom he advises on product liability matters (and styling preferences of course).

Speaking regularly on behalf of RGSLAW at industry conferences, James also leads the firm’s internal education and mentor offering to our clients.