Melanie Wilson

Solicitor / Agent 99.9

A little about Melanie

Melanie appeared at RGSLAW one day in 2015, nobody knows when or how, and we haven’t been able to get rid of her since.

Agent 99.9 is so named for achieving an ATAR of 99.9 (she’s been convincing everyone she didn’t cheat since). In true Agent fashion, Melanie speaks 2.5 languages (we’re working on her English) and has successfully passed customs in 47 countries.  

Melanie recently completed her professional legal training and is our favourite (only) RGSLAW Graduate.

Why are you here?

Since joining the RGSLAW professional team, Melanie advises extensively in personal injury, product liability and property matters, as well as working on some fraud, administrative law and general insurance.

As the newest graduate in the RGSLAW Melanie and her big brain are used to copping all the last minute, urgent work, and as such, Melanie is fully equipped to expect the unexpected; Last minute court appearance?  Need a summary on manufacturer’s obligations in 10 minutes? Can’t finish your meal? Just call Agent 99.9.