James Reid

Solicitor / Cowboy

A little about James

Known for his affluent-country cattle station heir chic and his extensive collection of RM Williams, James came to RGSLAW in 2016 – fresh from the country and full of energy.

James is the RGSLAW resident rebel-muso, playing in a band called Inside Outlaw (get it?). Prior to his legal career, James practiced as a teacher, and using his valuable skills in managing hyperactive adolescents, James has been trying to pull the unruly RGSLAW mob into line ever since.   

On the side, James is an enthusiastic participant in the NSW Law Society, and will sign up to anything (seriously, send him an email, he will go). It is this passion and enthusiasm for the law that makes James a valuable member of the RGSLAW team.

Why are you here?

Whilst we originally thought our fearless leader just felt sorry for the unemployed country muso, it is now clear he saw an advocate inside.

James is a driving force in our specialised personal injury team and spends his days calculating, analysing and breathing common law damages and none of us have ever seen less than 110% from him.