Elle Mariconte

Solicitor / Elle Woods

A little about Elle

As is RGSLAW tradition, Elle was hired after completing a successful climb up the building’s fire-escape in stiletto heels at record pace. 

Elle has a reputation for having the cleanest office at RGSLAW and overly competent organisational skills, including killer trial preparation. Prior to RGSLAW, Elle gained two years valuable experience in Commercial, Property, Family, Estate and Criminal Law at a multi-faceted law firm.

Why are you here?

Elle advises our clients on personal injury claims, fraud claims, product liability claims and other general insurance litigation.

Our clients rely on Elle because she makes sure everything is completed with the highest quality but also on time (its mostly way ahead of time to the point where you question if she actually has a life).

However, don’t let her sweet exterior fool you, Elle is also our go to scrappy girl for a good old fashioned rumble at the Local Court – like Elle Woods, Elle is very comfortable using legal jargon in everyday life and can be heard screaming ‘I object!’ to anything she doesn’t agree with.